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JICA-KENYA Sustainability Campaign

JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency)
Year: 2021
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Organic Brand visibility

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JICA and Kiambu County Government aim to transform the Kangoki dumpsite in Thika, Kenya, by implementing Fukuoka technology for waste management.

Services Offered

  • Project Branding: Crestwood Marketing developed a strong project branding strategy that aimed to create a distinct and memorable identity for the initiative. The branding was instrumental in conveying the project's mission and values to the community and stakeholders. It helped in building trust and recognition, which is essential in gaining the support and cooperation of the local community.
  • Documentary Production : Crestwood undertook the production of a documentary that showcased the Fukuoka technology and its implementation at the Kangoki dumpsite. This documentary is on -going and will serve as a valuable tool for informing and educating the public and stakeholders about the benefits of the waste management system. It presents a visual and compelling narrative that highlights the project's objectives and impact.
  • Merchandise Production : Crestwood Marketing provided merchandise production to create promotional materials that could be distributed to raise awareness and support for the project. These merchandise items could include branded clothing, promotional materials, and informational brochures. The merchandise production added an extra dimension to the project's promotional efforts.

Key Achievements

  • Project Launch: The successful launch of the project was a significant achievement. Crestwood Marketing's contribution to the project branding played a pivotal role in ensuring a well-organized and impactful project launch. The launch event served as an opportunity to engage with key stakeholders, communicate the project's mission, and garner support from the local community.
  • Documentary Production (In-Progress): : While the documentary production is in-progress, it represents an ongoing and valuable asset for the project. Once completed, the documentary will serve as a powerful tool for promoting the project to a broader audience. It will continue to inform and educate the public and stakeholders about the Fukuoka technology and its positive impact on waste management.