Branding & Marketing


Year: 2023
Cumulative Reach

20M+ individuals


The Ministry of Health aimed to increase awareness and improve behavior change for Reproductive and Maternal Health Services, Adolescence Sexual Reproductive Health, Family Planning, and Gender-Based Violence through the #Tujulishane campaign.

Services Offered

  • Government Relations: Crestwood Marketing actively engaged with government entities to establish positive relationships and secure official support for the #Tujulishane Campaign. This involved collaboration with government officials, regulators, and relevant ministries to align the campaign with government policies and regulations. Effective government relations were crucial for navigating regulatory processes and obtaining endorsements.
  • Communication Strategy: We developed a well-structured communication strategy that guided the campaign's messaging and execution. The strategy included a detailed roadmap for reaching the target audience, messaging guidelines, and a timeline for campaign activities. A strong communication strategy ensured that all efforts were purposeful and aligned with the campaign's objectives.
  • Public & Media Relations: We actively engaged in public and media relations, fostering relationships with journalists and media outlets to secure extensive coverage for the #Tujulishane Campaign. This involved the creation of press releases, organization of press conferences, and management of media inquiries. Effective public and media relations played a crucial role in spreading the campaign's message to a broader audience.
  • Creative Production: We were responsible for creating visually appealing and impactful campaign materials. These included graphics, videos, advertisements, and other creative content that effectively conveyed the campaign's messages. Creativity in design and content production was vital in capturing the audience's attention and making the campaign memorable.
  • Influencer Marketing: : Influencer marketing played a significant role in the campaign's success. Crestwood identified and partnered with relevant influencers who had a strong presence and following on social media or in specific communities. These influencers advocated for and promoted the campaign's messages, enhancing its reach and engagement with the target audience.

Key Achievements

  • Awareness Creation: Crestwood's efforts led to the creation of awareness for the #Tujulishane campaign, reaching 20 million individuals. This extensive reach indicates that a large portion of the target audience became aware of the campaign and its objectives.
  • Nationwide Campaign Roll Out: The campaign had a nationwide rollout, that reached various regions and demographics across Kenya. This wide distribution of the campaign materials contributed to its success in raising awareness and changing behaviors related to reproductive and maternal health.
  • Brand Cohesion: Our branding efforts ensured that the ACS had a consistent visual identity across all communications, reinforcing its position as a leading authority on climate change in Africa.
  • Data-Driven Insights: We provided the ACS with regular analytics reports, allowing them to gauge the impact of their digital efforts and make data-backed decisions.