EY Annual Report Launch

Year: 2023
EY Annual Report Launch image
Messaging reach

5.6M+ unique users

Engagement increase

4600 %


We take pride in embarking on a prestigious assignment for EY, focusing primarily on merchandising and brand visualisation during the launch of their Annual Report 2023. Understanding the significant impact of tangible representation, we meticulously curated a diverse range of merchandise items to complement the event's theme and reinforce its core message, fostering unity and leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

Services Offered

In our unwavering dedication to delivering excellence for EY's Annual Report 2023 launch, Crestwood Marketing and Communication provided a comprehensive range of services:
  • Merchandising Strategy: Leveraging our expertise in merchandising, we developed a strategic plan tailored to EY's objectives and the theme of the event. Our team conducted thorough research to identify merchandise items that would resonate with the audience and effectively communicate the essence of the Annual Report.
  • Curated Merchandise Selection: With meticulous attention to detail, we carefully selected and curated a diverse array of merchandise items. From premium-quality branded stationery to tech gadgets and eco-friendly products, each item was thoughtfully chosen to align with the event's theme and objectives, ensuring that they served as meaningful reminders for attendees long after the event concluded.
  • Branding and Design: Our talented design team conceptualised innovative branding ideas to enhance the appeal and visibility of the merchandise items. By incorporating EY's logo, colours, and messaging cohesively across all items, we ensured a unified brand presence that resonated with attendees and reinforced the Annual Report's key messages.
  • Logistics and Distribution: We handled all aspects of logistics and distribution, ensuring seamless coordination and timely delivery of merchandise items to the event venue. Our meticulous planning and execution ensured that each attendee received their merchandise package promptly, enhancing their overall event experience.

Key Achievements

Through our comprehensive approach to merchandising, Crestwood Marketing and Communication achieved several key milestones for EY's Annual Report 2023 launch:
  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: Our strategically selected merchandise items effectively showcased EY's brand identity and messaging, increasing brand visibility and leaving a lasting impression on attendees.
  • Positive Attendee Experience: The thoughtfully curated merchandise items contributed to a positive attendee experience, fostering engagement and appreciation for EY's Annual Report and its key insights.
  • Long-term Brand Recall: By providing attendees with high-quality merchandise items that aligned with their interests and preferences, we ensured long-term brand recall and continued engagement with EY's messaging beyond the event.