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European Union - Africa Climate Summit 2023

European Union
Year: 2023
European Union - Africa Climate Summit 2023  image
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Crestwood was tasked with creating content focused on key EU figures involved in climate action during the Africa Climate Summit.

Services Offered

  • Content Strategy: Crestwood Marketing developed a content strategy for the European Union's climate action initiative. This strategy outlined the themes, key messages, and objectives for the videos and photos.
  • High-Level Video & Photo Content Creation: Crestwood's team produced high-quality video and photo content featuring key EU figures involved in climate action. This content included video interviews, footage of climate-related activities, and portraits of EU leaders.

Key Achievements

  • Content Cohesion: The content strategy ensured that the visual content aligned with the EU's climate action initiatives and communicated its role effectively.
  • High Quality: The high-level quality of the visuals portrayed the EU's commitment to addressing climate issues, enhancing its reputation and engagement in climate initiatives.