Climate Action Innovation Hub for CGIAR & African Union

African Union
Year: 2021
Climate Action Innovation Hub for CGIAR & African Union  image
In Attendance

200+ climate innovators




The opening of the Climate Action Innovation Hub at the Africa Climate Summit aimed to celebrate African ingenuity in the face of climate change and align with the African Union’s Climate Change and Resilient Development Strategy and Action Plan.

Services Offered

  • End-to-End Communications Strategy: Crestwood provided an end-to-end communications strategy for the Climate Action Innovation Hub. This included a plan for incorporating videography and photography into the communication efforts, identifying key moments to capture through visual content.
  • Public & Media Relations: Crestwood's videographers and photographers actively collaborated with the press and media outlets to ensure extensive coverage of the Climate Action Innovation Hub. They captured moments of interest for media and provided high-quality images and video footage to journalists for reporting.
  • High-Level Video & Photo Content Development: Crestwood's team captured the most impactful and meaningful moments of the Climate Action Innovation Hub, including footage of key speakers, innovators, and the engagement of delegates, as well as high-quality event photographs.
  • Social Media Strategy & Copy Development: The videography and photography services were closely aligned with the social media strategy, ensuring that the captured content could be effectively shared on various platforms. Compelling copy accompanied the visuals to engage the online audience.

Key Achievements

  • Attendance of Climate Innovators & Delegates: The significant attendance of more than 200 climate innovators and 2000 delegates at the AU Pavilion demonstrates the success of the campaign in bringing together key stakeholders. This is indicative of the campaign's impact on creating a platform for collaboration and innovation.
  • Media Coverage The extensive media coverage by over 20 international and 10 Kenyan news platforms highlights the campaign's ability to capture the attention of the press. This level of coverage would have contributed to raising awareness and interest in the Climate Action Innovation Hub and its goals.