Digital Communications & Branding

Africa Climate Summit 2023

African Union, Government of Kenya and the ACS Secretariat
Year: 2023
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Crestwood Marketing is proud to present a project that signifies our commitment to impactful digital solutions and sustainable initiatives - the Africa Climate Summit (ACS) Digital Communications & Branding.

We were entrusted by the African Union, Government of Kenya and the ACS Secretariat to create digital platform that would not only serve as an information hub but also inspire change and unite stakeholders in the fight against climate change across the African continent.

Services Offered

  • Website Development: Our team designed and developed a dynamic, user-friendly website that became the heart of ACS online presence. The website was crafted with a mobile-first approach, ensuring accessibility to a broad audience across Africa.
  • Branding & Visual Identity: We undertook the task of defining ACS's visual identity, incorporating elements inspired by Africa's rich culture and its diverse ecosystems. This visual identity was consistently applied across all ACS communications.
  • Social Media Management: Crestwood Marketing managed ACS social media platforms: Twitter, Linkedln, YouTube and Meta. We orchestrated impactful campaigns fostering engagement and promoting the summit's mission through our hashtags #ACS23 and #Africaclimatesummit23

Key Achievements

  • User-Centric Design: The ACS website was designed with the user in mind, providing a seamless experience for visitors looking to learn more about the summit, register for events, and access essential resources.
  • Engagement & Impact: Our social media strategies led to substantial engagement, creating conversations around climate action and the summit. Messaging amplified key agenda of the summit to a wider audience.
  • Brand Cohesion: Our branding efforts ensured that the ACS had a consistent visual identity across all communications, reinforcing its position as a leading authority on climate change in Africa.
  • Data-Driven Insights: We provided the ACS with regular analytics reports, allowing them to gauge the impact of their digital efforts and make data-backed decisions.