Branding & Marketing


Year: 2021
4K CLUB image
Organic Brand visibility

15M+ Users


4 K Club programme was launched as part of an ongoing effort to make young people engage in agribusiness through the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperatives.

As a Marketing Agency in Kenya, Crestwood was tasked to do a rebrand of the 4K Club. Among the duties we executed included brand identity and manual, stakeholder engagement and developing a communication strategy. The goal was to have a concrete structure for a systemic approach that would incentivize the young farmers and school-going children during the COVID-19 era and beyond in matters agriculture.

Services Offered

  • New brand identity and manual: To improve brand visibility and brand perception of the 4K club brand in the mind of its customers, we developed a new brand identity and manual. The brand image makes an impression of the organization and influences the appearance of the company website, business cards, and employees’ dress code. The 4 K Club brand manual offers guidelines on how the brand should be presented in the public domain and how people should interact with it. It gives a detailed description of the verbal and visual corporate identity for 4K Club
  • Comprehensive communications and media relations plan : We also developed a comprehensive communications and media relations plan for National Programme Secretariat and County Program Secretariats under the Ministry of Agriculture on implementation of their strategic objectives.

Key Achievements

  • Stakeholder appreciation: The impressive rebrand earned the buy in and appreciation of 4K club stakeholders.